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Our experience in the industry among the best of garage door companies has taught us that for the best results, homeowners should have their garage doors inspected and maintained on an annual basis for newer doors and biannually for older models. Our garage door company would be happy to assess your garage door in-person and develop a residential garage door maintenance schedule suitable for its current condition. We specialize in comprehensive inspections and tune-ups, addressing potential issues before they become major problems. 

We Provide 25-Point Safety Inspection: Our expert technicians go beyond routine checks, conducting a comprehensive examination of every crucial element in your garage door system during a garage door tune-up and overhead garage door maintenance near me. From assessing springs, closing, cables, and rollers to examining the opener’s functionality and balance, our detailed inspection ensures optimal performance. 

Weather Sealing and Insulation: We tackle various garage door problems, offering expertise in garage door cable repair, opener maintenance. Whether you require garage door panel replacement, motor repair, or emergency garage door service, our skilled team ensures reliable solutions. Count on us for swift and effective solutions to issues like hinges, openers, and garage door panels. 

Lubricating Moving Parts: Our meticulous approach extends beyond routine checks, encompassing the lubrication of garage door springs, cables, hinges, rollers, and roller garage door maintenance to ensure smooth operation. In our comprehensive inspection of the garage door system, we not only focus on assessing functionality and balance but also identify potential garage door issue. 

There are also ways in which you can help contribute to the maintenance of your garage door in between visits. To learn more about DIY maintenance tips and tests you can run to make sure everything is working as it should, visit the Maintenance section of our FAQ page. There you will find simple and safe methods for making sure you will get the most out of your garage door year after year.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our garage door experts and discuss a regular maintenance schedule, call (213) 279-6567 or contact us here.

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By choosing Neighborly garage door company for your garage door service, you benefit from a comprehensive range of offerings, including professional garage door maintenance services. Regular maintenance, provided by our trusted garage door company, extends the lifespan of your garage door and enhances safety and security. Whether it’s opener maintenance, or addressing garage door needs, our expert team ensures improved performance and top-notch condition for your garage door. Call us now at (213) 279-6567  to schedule a service.

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